The Best Wedding and Reception Venues in Mid Michigan

Charlotte Country Mill outdor ceremony venue michiganCharlotte Country Mill reception venue charlotte

Charlotte Country Mill 

Best for: Couples wanting a country wedding and reception all in one place- with tons of amazing photographic locations within a few steps of their ceremony.

Why photographers love it: There is SO much variety at the Country Mill, from the cute barns to the rolling fields of the orchard, and even the beautiful pine forest and pond. I love always being able to create something new!

From wide open rolling hills with lovely rows of apple trees, to a beautiful pond surrounded by shade cast by pine trees… you just can’t go wrong. 😉 You can have your ceremony and reception all in one place- shaving both time and stress off of your timeline.

Click to see my recent work at the Country Mill:

Jonathan and Jami’s rainy (and gorgeous) wedding day at the Country Mill
Catherine and Mike’s fall wedding at the Charlotte Country Mill
Tim and Danielle’s summer wedding at the Country Mill in Charlotte
Dave and Stephanie’s sunset wedding at the Country Mill


Hawk Hollow Chapel lansing ceremony venuesEagle Eye lansing mi reception venue

Hawk Hollow Chapel & Eagle Eye Banquets

Best for: Couples who want a Lansing indoor wedding or reception venue that is beautiful, simple, and takes care of everything for them.

Why photographers love it: The gorgeous grounds make for stellar wedding photographs! In addition, the indoor areas are compositionally clean and light beautifully, making it easy to concentrate on capturing the day as it unfolds rather than fighting the light. 😉

Gorgeous banquet halls, amazing grounds, and a picturesque chapel that will be as beautiful as it is easy to plan- I love Hawk Hollow & Eagle Eye!! Their team is AWESOME at making the experience easy on you, and they handle a big crowd with grace. The banquet halls are elegant and simple, ready for any kind of decor you wish to have brought in.

One of my favorite features of the Chapel is the “hidden” spots at the front of the ceremony space- as a wedding photographer, I can be there at the front to capture your faces while remaining unseen by your guests!  (my second shooter can then remain in the back of the room for a more traditional viewpoint)

Click to see my recent work at Hawk Hollow / Eagle Eye:

Alicia and Brandon’s gorgeous fall wedding reception at Hawk Hollow Banquet Hall
Ryan and Kristen’s intimate wedding and reception at Hawk Hollow/Eagle Eye
Annette and Tyler’s fall wedding at Hawk Hollow, Adam and Wanqiu’s summertime wedding at Eagle Eye
Katrece and Dominique’s wedding at Eagle Eye reception hall

MSU Horticulture Gardens Greenhouse

MSU Horticulture Gardens Conservatory

Best for: Couples who want a East Lansing / MSU reception venue that is bright, happy, and surrounded by lush greenery.

Why photographers love it: The diffused, gorgeous light of the greenhouse gives you flattering, simply breathtaking photographs- it is literally the kind of reception venue that photographers DREAM about.

The lush greenery and warm lighting inside provides you and your guests the feeling of a beautiful garden reception- while providing cover from heat and rain.

Click to see my recent work at the Horticulture Gardens Conservatory:

Derek and Zenia’s fun MSU Conservatory wedding
Michael and Ruzanna’s sunny brunch wedding at the Horticulture Garden’s Conservatory

Grand Ledge Opera House titleGrand Ledge Opera House reception venues michigan

The Grand Ledge Opera House 

Best for: Couples looking for a gorgeous option that keeps it all in one place for an outdoor ceremony and inside reception in the Grand Ledge / West Lansing area.

Why photographers love it: Being able to have your ceremony and reception in one location makes for so much less stress- and traveling time- on a wedding day! The rich, warm colors of the Opera House’s reception area is always one of my favorites- and the upper balcony allows for some wonderful dance floor perspectives!

Right here in my hometown, the Opera House is a beautiful option for a small outdoor wedding. The reception hall has plenty of space for a larger reception with a warm, homey style- and is available even to those not having their wedding at the Opera House!

Click to see my recent work at the Grand Ledge Opera House:

Adam and Meghan’s fall wedding at the Grand Ledge Opera House
Meaghann and Jeremiah’s summer wedding at the Grand Ledge Opera House
Krystal and Steven’s Grand Ledge Opera House wedding

Howell Opera House weddng reception

Howell Opera House

Best for: Couples who want a unique, warm & cozy reception venue with historic flair.

Why photographers love it: We just have a thing for historic brick. 😉 This is such a gorgeous reception area- and the upper floor is a totally unique and gorgeous spot for photographs!

If you’re hoping for dramatic, historic photographs for your wedding, Howell Opera House is the place to be. Not only do they offer a gorgeous reception space that features historic brick walls and lovely wood floors, but the upper part of the Opera House contains the actual original Opera room, providing a “urban chic” look for your photographs!

Click to see my recent work at the Howell Opera House:

Jacob and Payton’s Howell Opera House reception
Ryan and Sarah’s summertime wedding reception at the Howell Opera House


Kellogg Center wedding reception

The Kellogg Center

Best for: Couples who want a East Lansing / MSU option that can hold a larger crowd, with a staff that takes care of every need.

Why photographers love it: MSU is well known by photographers for it’s gorgeous, lush grounds and gorgeous buildings, and the Kellogg is no exception! The indoor reception space easily embraces any decor style- and there is tons of room to breathe, which means plenty of fun compositional opportunities!

For those looking for a bigger option or a ritzy feel to their reception, the Kellogg is an amazing option right in East Lansing. The food is top-notch, and the flair of each room adds a classy touch to any size reception. The exceedingly professional staff will make sure that everything is done before you even think of it!

Click to see my recent work at the Kellogg Center:

Lauren and Devon’s wedding ceremony and reception at MSU’s Kellogg Center
Chris and Jaclyn’s MSU wedding reception at the Kellogg


Old Town Marquee

Best for: Couples who love a unique, urban / artistic style, and seek a convenient location

Why photographers love it:  It’s a gorgeous venue- and the Old Town area is rich with wonderful and unique portrait locations. (the easy parking isn’t bad , either! 😉 )

The Old Town Marquee has a unique beauty and a wonderful team. The warm atmosphere from the brick and lovely wood floors will compliment any decor! Nearby bars locally sourced eateries can keep out of town guests busy in between your ceremony and reception.

Click to see my recent work at the Old Town Marquee:

Heather and Jimmy’s wedding reception at the Old Town Marquee
Heather and John’s book themed wedding at Lansing’s Old Town Marquee


Central United Methodist Church

Best for: Couples looking for a traditional church experience, featuring gorgeous, flattering light and plenty of getting-ready space.

Why photographers love it:  It’s a treat to shoot in a church with plenty of space to move about and be creative, without disrupting the ceremony. You’ll also be right across the street from the Capital Building and other gorgeous photo locations!

Central United has had one of the kindest and most enthusiastic staff I have encountered in the area. The generous space of the getting ready rooms is also a delight!

Click to see my recent work at the Central United Methodist Church:

Amanda and Javier’s winter wedding at the Central United Methodist Church


St Gerard Church

Best for: Couples seeking a church that performs ceremonies in a relaxed, genuine (but dignified) manner, with flattering lighting

Why photographers love it: Lighting is everything! St Gerard features wonderful, flattering ceremony light- and is also very close by to some fabulous photo locations.

Deacon Jim is a pleasure to work with, helping couples to have an enjoyable time while keeping the sacredness of the occasion. St Gerard is a beautiful venue, with a very down to earth feel!

Click to see my recent work at St Gerard Church:

Alicia and Brandon’s fall wedding at the Saint Gerard Church
Tim and Emily’s heartfelt and gorgeous wedding at St Gerard church