Hi, I’m Heather Kanillopoolos! (…in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “cantaloupe-all-us”. ;) ) By now you know that I’m a wedding photographer in Mid-Michigan who loves to create fun and gorgeous photographs. But maybe you want to get to know me a little better.

Well, I could tell you all kinds of random things about me, like my love of sci-fi (from Orson Scott Card to Dr. Who), my board game obession, or my inexplicable inability to do any kind of math problem that happens to contain the number 7. But something tells me you’re looking for something a bit more substantial than that. ;) 

Let me tell you about my family, and a little about how I became a photographer in the first place!

My Family

Landon and I have been married seven years now, and we still do that silly thing where we fight about who loves who more (for the record, it's me). He is an incredibly humble and patient man, always ready with a laugh and a hug. He's my center, keeping me balanced and happy- and making sure I get to bed at a somewhat reasonable time even though I try to insist that I just need to finish editing this ooooooone last file. ;)

Landon is a school bus driver for children with special needs, and I can't think of a more perfect job for him. Kids flock to him- I think they sense that he's just a big teddy bear! :D

Four years ago, we rescued a kitten that we named Max (from "Where the Wild Things Are"). She makes us laugh every day! Whenever Landon brings me flowers, he's careful to bring one for Max, too: it's her favorite snack!

She has the adorable habit of bounding over to the bed to bop me in the head repeatedly until I lift the covers- then she gets under them with me to snuggle and sleep for the night. Falling asleep to purring is the best! <3

Tyko joined us two years ago. When we visited the shelter to expand our little family, he was so excited to see people that he immediately started rubbing up on the cage bars. He tried to impress us with a sumersault, and he ended up landing right into his waterbowl! This scared him so badly that he began running circles in his cage, and he tripped right into his food bowl! When I saw this little spaz, it was love at first sight. <3

He still loves doing sumersaults, and is a pro at setting "belly fur cuddle traps".. with claws at the ready. ;) He's a super vocal kitty! He loves big groups of people (both for the cuddles and so that he can paw through their bags/coats/shoes)

My Journey

I became a photographer in much the same way many others did- I had a camera, and didn't know any better. ;)

I shot my first wedding after having just graduated out of high school back in 2005. The couple, knowing that I was inexperienced to the extreme, accepted the risk and paid my expenses. I knew immediately that I was hooked.

The more I grew in my love for photography, the more I reached beyond what I knew. I poured over photography articles, books, and videos, asked thousands of questions in forums, and continued shooting as much as possible. Over time, the technical parts became second nature to me, allowing the artistic part to take over my thoughts when I'm shooting.

A decade has gone by so quickly! I've been able to be part of so many amazing love stories: I've laughed with kids as they show off crazy dance moves, cried with the father of the bride as he gives away his little girl, and felt the swelling of emotion as a bride and groom hold each other for the first time as husband and wife.

Lately, I've been blessed to help my past couples welcome little ones into their new family! Maternity, newborn, and family images are relatively new to me- but the challenge invigorates me. (and can I just say, my clients have the cutest little chubsters?!? Be still my heart!!)

No matter what I'm shooting, I always make it my priority to be responsible and professional- someone who earns the trust and respect of my peers and clients. More than that, I have learned that I am happiest when I can help a wedding day be happier, less stressful, and more fun.

I specialize in couples that are madly in love, who simply want to celebrate that love without the stress and pressure. People who are maybe a little camera shy, and definitely a little crazy (in the good way). People who want their life captured in all its crazy, beautiful glory.

Does that sound good to you? Let's chat! Contact me so we can chat about your wedding and see if I'm the right photographer for you!