Yes!! But…

Maybe you worry about how they’ll behave. Or, you wonder if it’s even possible to get a great shot of them, especially if your fur-friend tends to just be a wiggly, blurry mess in your home photos!

Well, don’t worry about a thing- photographs with me are going to be totally different! I’ve got years of experience and tons of patience. I’ll make sure that you and your pet look amazing in photographs! I’ll make the whole experience so smooth, simple, and fun.

These are my top reasons why bringing your dog is amazing idea for your photographs.

(…and not just because I want to snuggle them. BUT I DO WANT TO SNUGGLE THEM)

Reason one: Your dog is a part of the family

Whether your dog is large or small, their huge personality is something that most likely brings you joy (and a lot of laughter). Your session just won’t be complete without them in a few of your photographs!

Many years from now, you’ll be looking back on these images and remembering this unique time in your life. When we include your pet, you’ll be able to remember this time in THEIR life, too.

Your dog is different than any other dog on the planet, because they’re a part of you. Because they love you. Because you love them. I want to capture that love so that you can keep it in a safe place: preserved in a photograph.

Reason two: Dogs multiply the fun

Dogs are unscripted.

In their own, totally unique way, your pup will surprise and delight us with their antics, giving you candid moments to laugh about for years to come!

Some of my very favorite images from sessions are when a dog’s expression just lights up the photograph with their silliness. Their pure joy just from being around their favorite people is always plain to see!

Reason Three: I have the secret sauce

Of course, just bringing a dog to a session doesn’t guarantee awesome photographs. For that, you need a photographer who truly has the personality to put you (and your pups) at ease AND has the style you love.

I have the experience and patience it takes to make sure that your dog fits perfectly into your session. I ADORE pups of all breeds, personalities, and ages!

Do you have multiple dogs you’d love to include? I’ve “been there, done that” too! I’ll create gorgeous images with each member of your fur-family.

It may take a few tries to get the shot we’re looking for- and those outtakes are a part of the process! While I do LOVE a hilarious outtake, I also have found that with my special photographer’s tricks and a lot of patience, I can make magic happen.

Reason four: The outtakes are GOLD

You’ve likely been loving the cuddly, fun photographs you’ve seen on this article. But for every perfect shot, there’s a hilarious outtake, too! I love sharing these with my clients for them to enjoy!!

I want to share a few of those outtakes here to reassure you that I will be understanding and patient with your pup, no matter what. I know that they’re doing their best to be the best boy/girl they can be!! And I’ll give them MY best, too.

What about other kinds of pets?

You might be surprised to know that I’ve had many other types of pets incorporated into sessions, including cats! If you have a non-human loved one to include, I am absolutely all about it. 🙂

Before your session, we’ll chat about the logistics of how to make the session safe and enjoyable for your pets, no matter their type.

Are you looking for a photographer that shares your enthusiasm for puppy kisses, fuzzy bellies, and all the other sweet moments that pets bring into our lives? I would love to be your photographer!

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