One-on-one Off-Camera Flash Classes

Do you want to master flash, but feel kinda exhausted and overwhelmed by the idea of tackling it?

I got you.

I can help you feel powerful in every lighting situation (AND save you a ton of money on buying random crap that you don’t actually need). I’ve been a wedding photographer for 15 years, and I want to give you my hard-earned knowledge so that you can zoom straight to LOVING flash.

I’m an excellent teacher who knows how to adapt to different learning types, and I make it FUN to learn. (My favorite part is always when that part of the workshop is about 20 minutes in when I get to hear “OMG, I ACTUALLY GET IT!”)

Sooo if you have one flash on your camera, and your reception/family formals strategy is to pray (and then spend a LOT of time editing), let me FIX YOU! 😉

Class Details:


Your class is held at a time and date convenient for you! Fill out the contact form on this page, and I'll send over my calendar so that you can see what is available.

Most classes take place on weekdays, but some limited weekends are available during the event off-season.  

I'm extremely flexible on time of day and am available to you any time from 9am to 9pm. 


Anywhere in the world!

Your class can (1) take place in person at my home in Grand Ledge, Michigan, near Lansing or (2) via webcam, right in your own home, anywhere you happen to be!


$500 Due to Coronavirus concerns, many people are needing to stay isolated. I also understand the financial stress those of us in the wedding industry are facing. I'm offering my online OCF classes for only $250 during this time so that you can take advantage of a lower-cost class while following isolation guidelines. 

Your booking your class with me also helps to support my family during this time as well, including my disabled mother. ♥️ Thank you!

Do I need to pay the full amount today to book my class?

Yes, full payment is due to book your class date. During the Coronavirus isolation recommendations, you may schedule your class for only $50 down to save your spot. Payments as small as $25 can be made toward your class. (your class will be held after payments are completed, but I will lock you into the discounted rate, no matter how long the payments take) 

How long is the class? 

Depending on the needs of the student, most classes are between 3 - 5 hours. We'll be spending much of that time in hands-on practicing, as well as spending some time reviewing sample images and concepts. 

After your class, you'll also receive:

  • Access to my excluse FB group for OCF students so you can continue to ask questions and learn
  • My 30+ PDF of notes that detail everything you learned at the workshop (so you can focus on being hands on instead of being stressed about remembering every detail)
  • Exclusive ongoing discounts to my future OCF workshops whenever you want a refresher or to learn more


What will I learn at my class?

Your class will be very hands-on. We'll bounce between discussions, Q&A, live shooting demonstrations, and you shooting with my help!

We will start with the basics. I'll cover everything you need to know to feel comfortable using flash in every genre of photography, including:

  • How flash works (and how to fix it when it doesn't)
  • How to choose the best lighting tools
  • How to select the right settings with confidence
  • How to bounce light properly
  • Where to place your flash
  • Flattering body types with flash
  • Matching color to make editing a breeze
  • Which modifiers are worth it (and not!)
  • and more!

Want to go the extra mile? I can also teach you:

  • High-powered strobe work in a bright setting
  • Multiple-light setups
  • Crazy lighting color effects
  • Amazing rain and snow shots with flash
  • Smoke bombs and other cool nerdy photography stuff!

See What Flash Can Do For You!

Flash is an incredible tool. Especially when used off-camera, it can produce gorgeous natural-looking images or vivid, unique shots with a punch!

Ultimately, knowing what you're doing with flash means SO much less work in editing- not to mention far less stress when you're faced with less than perfect scenarios (which is, like... every wedding).

What Will You Need to Bring?

  • DSLR Camera and lens 
  • At least one speedlight (two preferred)
  • Triggering device(s)
  • Lightstand(s)
  • Modifiers you wish to learn
  • Batteries
  • Basic CTO gel kit
  • Notetaking tool

Don't have a flash yet? No problem! Before your class, I'll help you understand exactly which flash is right for you so that you can purchase it before your class takes place.

Ready to book your class? Yay!! Fill out the form below to get this party started!

Not ready quite yet? Email me at or give me a text at 734-649-4279. I'll be happy to answer your questions!