What Makes Me Different?

1) I Take Stress Away

Right from the start, I anticipate how I can simply the process for you: helping to chose the perfect location for portraits, giving tips on how to prepare so you can look your best, and creating a photography timeline for your wedding so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

Throughout the process, I'm there to help provide guidance and encouragement- right down to helping you decide which top is the most flattering for your engagement session!

I feel very strongly about my clients feeling comfortable in their photographs. So, during your session or wedding, I ensure that you feel genuinely relaxed- and that each smile is a real one. As I shoot, I provide simple posing directions as needed to help you look your very best. 

Many of my clients told me when we first met that they were “not photogenic” or “awkward in front of the camera”. Yet, time and time again, they're shocked by how comfortable they felt while I photographed them- and by how great they looked in the photographs! You will, too.

2) I rule the light

I have both the skill and the gear to be able to work in any lighting situation, even ceremony or reception spaces that are dark or present unique challenges. 

Sunsets and nightime portraits are a specialty of mine (see some examples here)! I love to squeeze every drop of color from the stunning sunset you'll remember from your wedding- and sneaking off to steal a few moments with your new wife/husband under a fire-red sky will be just the breath of fresh air you'll need before lighting up the dance floor!

When I shoot your reception, I use my flash in a very carefully crafted way- to look natural and smooth. I make sure to show off your hard work on the decor with gorgeous lighting!

All of this adds up to one thing for you: no worries. I can handle what your wedding day dishes out, and I'll create totally unique, stunning images for you.

3) I feel the love

Although my main focus is my couples, I also recognize that a wedding day is not just about the two of you- it's also about sharing the joy of your wedding day with the people you love.

I take extra time during the wedding portraits to make sure that your loved ones are relaxed and looking their best. I also stay alert in order to capture those candid moments that just can’t be planned- a stray kiss on the cheek from dad, a peel of laughter from grandma, and those crazy dance moves you know your wierdest, funnest friends will be busting out!

I know that my couples want to look out during thier ceremony and see the faces of the people that have been there for them through thin and thin, ups and downs. Ultimately, that feeling of being surrounded by love is what I aim to capture and encase in a photograph for you to have forever.

Do you want heartfelt photographs that bring your wedding day memories back again and again? If so, I would love to be your photographer. Please contact me right away- I can't wait to hear about your wedding plans!

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