What my couples say about me:

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“She is an extremely rare gem in the photography (and wedding) industry”

“Do yourself a HUGE favor and book Heather. IF she is available, hurry now and snag her up because she is an extremely rare gem in the photography (and wedding) industry.

There are SO many photography businesses out there now, and many have only the technical/artistic skills. The true art of photography comes with the people skill – giving direction, making people feel at ease, capturing natural moments, etc.

It’s HARD to find all that wrapped up into one package, but Heather is it. She is truly one-of-a-kind!”

“She knows just what to say to make you burst out laughing”

“She knows just what to say to make you burst out laughing, and then gets photos of your natural smile. Our guests commented all night- and even after the wedding- on how awesome and fun she was! Every time I look at one of our photos, I’m thankful that we chose Heather to be our photographer.”

“Book her, and book her fast”

“PLEASE BOOK HEATHER TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS! Picking Heather was the best decision I made regarding my entire wedding (aside from the groom of course!)

Aside from taking KILLER photos, she is incredibly kind and knows everything there is to know about weddings.

When I had questions about anything relating to the wedding and wasn’t sure who to ask, I asked Heather and she answered every question, even though half of it didn’t relate to photography LOL (sorry Heather.) THAT’S how much I trust Heather.

I’m someone who likes to be in control and knows exactly how I want things, especially when it comes to my wedding, but when it came to Heather, I just said “tell me what to do,” because I knew I was in perfect hands.

She is literally a goddess and I have no idea how she takes such breathtakingly beautiful photos while also managing to be such a sweet and kind human being, but here we are. Book her, and book her fast.”

“The photos turned out beautiful, relaxed, and reflect who my husband and I are”

“When we met with Heather the first time, we knew immediately she was the person we wanted to work with. The natural connection matters: the photos turned out beautiful, relaxed, and reflect who my husband and I are.

Heather danced with my niece, she laughed with my family – everyone just loved having Heather as part of our day!

You’re getting amazing photography with Heather, but what’s critically important is that you’re also working with a really great person.”

“If you don’t pick Heather, you’re not doing it right”

“Because people only read the first few sentences- if you don’t pick Heather, you’re not doing it right.

Now, with that being said- with wedding photography, I really believe it’s important to find someone who understands you and your future spouse. Heather was that and more to us as a photographer. She was our photographer, an adviser on some of our big decisions (because we TRUSTED her judgment!), and a friend.

She is also a true professional. Literally everyone we spoke to at our wedding said how amazing she was. She was never in the way, but was never too far, because she captured every perfect moment. She was polite, courteous, and respectful.

Heather finds the source of happiness in each couple she works with and plays off of it- draws it out of them, to reflect beautifully in each picture she takes.”

“Her Sneak skill is definitely at an easy 100”

During our engagement and wedding shoots, she made everyone feel comfortable, and she took wonderful pictures!

While the ceremony and reception were going on, we didn’t notice her AT ALL. When she sent the final pictures, there were so many small and fun moments that went by in the blink of an eye that anyone could miss – yet she got them perfectly. Her Sneak skill is definitely at an easy 100.

She captured the most important moments of our day perfectly!

“We can’t say enough good things about Heather”

“We can’t say enough good things about Heather. Her positive energy, her sense of humor, and her ability to relate to people made her the obvious choice. We have not regretted the decision for a single moment!”

“Her funny and outgoing nature was exactly what we needed”

“Heather is the one you’ve been looking for! From the moment we met with her we knew we wanted her to be our photographer for our wedding.

When we were meeting with photographers the thought that kept running through my mind was “Who is going to be a good fit for our wedding filled with crazy family and friends??” As soon as we sat down with Heather we knew that her funny and outgoing nature was exactly what we needed.

When it comes to her photos, they leave me speechless and with a huge smile on my face every time we look through our album, it never gets old. She captured those beautiful special moments and I can’t thank her enough!”

“Stop searching and BOOK Heather now!! You won’t regret it”

“Heather truly is the BEST photographer I could have ever hoped for for my wedding day.

From day one, she went above and beyond regarding planning the details–not to mention that she is super friendly and funny! Heather was always willing to answer questions, offer advice, provide suggestions and she was always very prompt to respond.

Heather will make you feel relaxed and comfortable and will definitely capture the most amazing moments on your special day! I am so thankful that we came across her work and were able to book her as our photographer. I will most definitely be booking Heather again in the future for family shots!

Stop searching and BOOK Heather now!! You won’t regret it.”

“She made me feel so comfortable!”

“I was worried that I would never feel comfortable in front of the camera. Heather made what could have been an awkward, scary experience completely painless.

She made me feel so comfortable!”

“She goes the extra mile with literally everything”

“Not only were our photos jaw droopingly beautiful but she really had a hand in making the environment happy and energized! She went and continues to go the extra mile with literally everything.

The photos are the one thing I’ll have forever to look back on and she truly captured the day and all of its details so beautifully. If I did it all over again I would hands down choose her and pester all of my friends to as well.

Love, love, and love some more.”

“I would recommend her a million times over”

“My husband and I were initially apprehensive about finding the right photographer who would fit into our “laid back vibe” for the wedding… but all apprehensions went away from the first time we met with Heather.

Heather is so good at making everyone feel comfortable in front of a camera and she has a good eye for what photos will turn out amazing. Our engagement photo session was the perfect opportunity for us to get to know her and for her to get to know us – I would get the package with that session in it if you can.

She was so helpful on all fronts of wedding planning (I asked her so many non-photography questions!) – it was like having a true advocate on my side as I went through the planning.

She was funny and laid back, but also very good at getting people to move and direct people to when needed (NOT easy with our pushy families!). She was respectful, hilarious, and always made us feel so special. She is also a ninja – often times, I didn’t even know where she was!

I would recommend her a million times over.”

“She brings out the genuine happiness out of everybody she photographs”

Heather radiates with enthusiasm and positivity from start to finish. She’s super creative and has no problems taking over the creative reins so that all I had to worry about was just being present. (I don’t even have to worry about looking pretty, Heather makes sure that I do no matter what.)

She brings out the genuine happiness out of everybody she photographs, resulting in “incredible candid photos, even in posed ones! She’s amazing, stop reading this and hire her.”