When Ruzanna contacted me about a “Elsa inspired” winter session, I was SO EXCITED. I’m a total Disney nerd- and the idea of a photoshoot that celebrates empowering changes in a woman’s life is a concept that I am 100000% about. <3 Ruzanna is celebrating being at a place in her life where she feels free to express her true self and not allow others to hold her back. YES!


Let it go frozen theme photographs

Brooklyn 99 Rosa inspired photographs

“Ruzanna, you looked KILLER in that shot!!”

“I was channeling my inner Rosa from Brooklyn 99”


Let it go frozen theme photographs

At last, it was time for the shot I had been planning for this shoot since day one. This is a composite of several shots. It turned out exactly like I wished!!

Let it go frozen theme photographs

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes fun. 🙂 Thanks again to my lovely assistant for bearing the cold to help make some magic!! (and thanks to Ruzanna for the fact that the ‘cold didn’t bother her anyway’ 😉 )

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