Heather KanillopoolosHi there, I’m Heather! I’m a Grand Ledge and Lansing, Michigan, wedding photographer. I photograph weddings all over the mitten state!

Are you nervous about being in front of a camera? Then I’m the photographer for you. <3 I specialize in helping camera shy people feel comfortable and look their best. By giving lots of direction and encouragement while shooting, I keep you feeling relaxed and make sure you have fun being photographed!

With 10 years of wedding photography experience, I can face any challenges that weather, location, or crazy relatives can bring on. ;) When you receive your images, you will be thrilled at how your gorgeous images reflect the genuine joy you felt on your wedding day.

I hope to hear from you soon! Head over to the “Contact” page to get in touch.

What Makes Me Different?

1) My Approach

I feel very strongly about my clients feeling comfortable in their photographs. So, I take the time to make sure that you feel genuinely relaxed- and that each smile is a REAL one. No stiff, awkward poses- and I solemnly promise never to tell you to “say cheese!”.

Rather than have you stand there wondering what to do with your hands or where to look (awkward!), I’m there with you every step of the way, providing easy, natural directions to help you look your very best. Even the most camera-shy clients are quickly won over by how I can make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Basically, this means that you’ll be able to fully relax, knowing that you have an expert there to guide you and be sure you look amazing.

2) I Take Stress Off of You

When you choose me, you benefit from my 10 years of experience: I’m reliable, organized, and great under pressure. I always make an effort to respond quickly and go out of my way to answer questions before you even think of them.

From our very first meeting, I'll help you create a timeline that will make your day run smoothly and that prioritizes what's most important to you. Leading up to the wedding, I'll work with you to pick perfect portrait locations and plan other details.

I’m there on the wedding day to be a part of YOUR team. <3 You can always count on me to be a calming, friendly face, from start to finish.

3) I rule the light

Super secret photographer tip: When it comes to photography, it’s all about what you can do with the light.

Any photographer can make already gorgeous light look amazing. But a really telling part of a photographer’s skill set is what they can do in TERRIBLE light– like dim ceremonies, crowded and dark receptions, and nighttime portraits. (This is especially important if you will have any of those at your wedding)

Me? I’m not scared of the dark. In fact, I have both the skill and the gear to be able to work in any lighting situation. I adore creating stunning sunset portraits and unique nighttime photographs, in addition to the photographs that I create using only the natural, existing light.

When I shoot your reception, I use my flash in a very carefully crafted way- to look natural and smooth, with no glaring, “blasted” flash look. I can adapt to your unique venue and shoot all the events of the night with well-crafted light. 

All of this adds up to one thing for you: no worries. I can handle what your wedding day dishes out, and you can be sure that you will have gorgeous photographs- no matter the challenges.

4) Mom will love me

Although my main focus is my couples, I also recognize that a wedding day is not just about the two of you. A big part of why a wedding is important is sharing the joy of your wedding day with the people you love!

For portraits, I take extra time to make sure that your loved ones are also relaxed and looking their best- for example, during family formals, I love to use my secret photographer posing knowledge to erase a couple years / pounds. ;)

I also stay alert in order to capture those candid moments that just can’t be planned! Throughout the day, I’m on the lookout for all those interactions with family, friends, and your new spouse that make a wedding day truly emotional and special. My goal is to leave everyone smiling- both my couples and their loved ones.

5) I specialize in real

You should always feel free to be yourself: both the romantic, mushy side and the goofy, fun side. I’ll be sure to capture the many sides of you in a way that’s relaxed and genuine.

My clients are just like you: people in love, who want to celebrate that love with the people they care about. They’re not up for a wedding day full of stress. :) They just want to look good, have fun, and have heartfelt photographs that bring their wedding day memories back again and again.

They’re not models- in fact, many of my client thought that they were “not photogenic” or “awkward in front of the camera”. Yet, time and time again, my clients later tell me that they were shocked how comfortable and beautiful they felt during their engagement session and on their wedding day.

I specialize in real smiles, in real moments, in real people. Camera shy people. Goofy people. People in love. People who know that, while the wedding is important (and fun!), it’s the marriage that will be the best part of their lives.

Does that sound like you? If you think that what I offer might be the perfect fit for you, please contact me right away!

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