What makes me different?

You've already seen on this website that I love to shoot in a clean, bold, timeless style. My images prove that I create and capture real emotion and gorgeous images. You're likely here on this page because you love my work. (yay!!)


But there's an awful lot of questions that pretty pictures alone can't answer.


For example: what is it like to work with me?


What separates me from the thousands of other photographers out there?


And how do you know I'm the perfect fit for you specifically?


I know you're the kind of person who cares about making the right choice, so I know you're going to love the info below!

What this means for you:

  • You'll never wonder what to do, where to go, or what's next- I've got you!
  • During the planning stages, I'll be there for you with guides on how to prepare, tips on how to choose outfits, timeline suggestions, and expert insider info
  • I consider it very important that I always return your emails and messages quickly! You'll never have to chase me down.


tl;dr: If want an expert to guide you, I'm the perfect fit for you.


(Want proof? Click here to see my reviews over on Google!)

First of all, I'm bossy

Real talk: you know what's NOT fun and relaxing? Standing there awkwardly wondering “where do I put my hands??" "Do I look okay?" "Am I supposed to look at the camera??”


Imagine instead if you had someone guiding you.


Someone you trust and feel comfortable around. Someone that could tell you EXACTLY what to do to look GREAT in photographs. Someone that can make you laugh.


...basically, someone that makes you forget you're being photographed in the first place!


Spoiler: It's me. I'm your someone. :)


When I’m your photographer, you have to ZERO worrying to do.


While shooting, I give you simple, specific posing tips to flatter your body type. Then I unleash the real magic: I use prompts and simple 'games' to make you completely forget that you’re being photographed.


And before the photos even start- from the very first moment- I'm there to help with planning guides, personalized tips, expert knowledge, and absolute enthusiasm for your wedding day or session.


No matter the scenario, I'm ready to take charge, with a big smile and many years of wedding and portrait experience.


I take care of you- from start to finish.

"Our favorite thing about Heather is that she is hilarious while she is working. She knows just what to say or do to make you burst out laughing, and then is able to get photos of your natural smile instead of having them look so stiff and fake. I'm thankful that we chose Heather to be our photographer. ♥ "

- Heather & Jimmy

Second: I create gorgeous nighttime, sunset, and rainy images

Every photographer loves to take photographs in the pretty sunshine light.


But what happens when the sun goes down?


I've spent years honing amazing lighting skills so that I can create gorgeous images in ANY space, with ANY weather, ANY time of day.


More than that, I actively create opportunities to invent gorgeous, inventive images that are going to blow you away.


The images speak for themselves!

What this means for you:

  • Totally unique images
  • No moments missed because of a dark location
  • Clear, crisp images that will delight you for a lifetime- even if it rains!

tl;dr: If you want jaw-dropping, unique images (and you also want to die laughing at all the dancefloor shenanigans), I'm the perfect fit for you.

"She excels at taking candid, meaningful photos, and at making people laugh. She also has the amazing dual ability to either disappear into the crowd or to draw everyone's attention to herself, depending on what the shot needs. We loved working with her so much!"

- Liz & Jaie

What this means for you:

  • You can get my expert advice
  • I know what answers to give you before you even think of the question
  • I can handle anything your wedding day dishes out

tl;dr: If you want an expert who has learned to make any part of a wedding day a breeze, I'm the perfect fit for you.

Ready to reach out? Contact me today to check availability!

Third: I have 15 years of experience

Let me tell you- I have seen it ALL.


I've sown a size 2 bridesmaid into a size 10 dress when the store got the order wrong.


I've spent the week before a wedding looking up all the beautiful indoor options for photos (and calling to ask them if we can use their space) because it was looking like rain.


I've given my bride and groom a lift from the reception to a nearby karaoke bar (and like OBVIOUSLY I stayed to shoot THAT, and it was AWESOME, btw).


I've calmed nervous moms, helped to set up chairs, and charmed even the grumpiest of ring bearers into a smile.


And for my portrait clients, I've soothed their tiny little ones, helped them pick out the perfect outfits, been proclaimed the "coolest" by a formerly grumpy 5-year-old who I impressed with my Spiderman knowledge, and got even the most excitable pups to look their absolute handsomest.


I have been there for my clients for over a decade. I'll be there for you, too.

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Heather Kanillopoolos Photography is located in Grand Ledge, and photographs weddings and portraits in the Greater Lansing area, Grand Rapids, Holland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and more!