Off Camera Flash Workshop: March 24th, 2018 (SOLD OUT)

Heather KanillopoolosI’ve been photographing weddings for ten years. I quickly found out how difficult wedding lighting scenarios can be! From dark, cramped reception venues to rained out ceremonies stuck inside, I’ve had those days where you come away thinking: “I wish I could have done better”.

After I learned how to use natural-looking, well crafted off-camera flash, I found that my work began to blossom. Clients began to notice my unique abilities and my business soon took off! I’m now a full-time wedding photographer with a successful business.

I want to help you conquer your flash, too! I enjoy making the most complex of topics easily understandable for everyone: I will never make you feel small for asking even “silly” questions. My goal is for you to not only come away armed with more knowledge, but to feel encouraged and empowered to get out there and make something beautiful.


Date: Saturday, March 24th, 2018
Time: 9am - 7pm
Cost: $450/person
Location: Grand Ledge Opera House

Only 10 spots will be available for new students! Book your ticket using the form at the bottom of this page!

Learn how to light at a real wedding venue!

The Grand Ledge Opera House is a local hot spot for weddings! It's gorgeous grounds offer variety: a lush summer garden, riverwalk area, wooden bridge/boardwalk covered by greenery.. with the small-town buildings and alleyways of Downtown Grand Ledge right across the street.

The building itself has two floors that are rented out for events: the main hall upstairs (with a balcony and lovely wooden floors) and the downstairs sections (which is smaller, carpeted, and has easy access to the gardens via doors at the garden level). There are getting ready rooms for both the groom and bride in different areas. 

What Will You Need to Bring?

Required items:

  • DSLR Camera
  • At least one speedlight (two preferred)
  • Triggering device
  • Lightstand(s)
  • Modifiers you wish to learn
  • Bagged meal (or, money to grab food locally)
  • Batteries
  • Basic CTO gel kit


  • Note taking tool (notepad or digital device)
  • One Strobe (if owned) with triggering device and lightstand
  • Additional speedlights

Before the Workshop: What to expect

From the time you book your workshop seat, I'll be in touch with you personally to learn more about your specific challenges, needs, and questions. I'll look at examples of your recent work- both victories and failures- so that I can understand exactly how I can help you the best during the workshop.

Leading up to the class, I'll consider the gear that you currently have, and I'll reach out to suggest to you any beginner-friendly gear you might need to get the most out of the class. (I'll also be happy to explain any terms in the "required" or "suggested" gear list above that you're not familiar with) If you have no flash gear at all, I'm happy to help you get started with a budget-friendly option that I trust. :)

Workshop Topics


After an introduction and warm welcome, we'll start out with a basic discussion of:

  • How light works
  • What makes good (and bad) light
  • The mechanical concepts of flash (don't worry- I'm not a math person: this discussion will be super easy to follow and in plain English :) )
  • An introductions to the different gear items and modifiers that we'll be playing with during the class

I'll also take this time to answer your questions about flash gear and lighting concepts. 


From there, we get hands-on! I'll show you my super simple 3-step process to figuring out the perfect combination of camera and flash settings (one of the things my students say that they have struggled with the most in the past!). We'll practice this 3 step process throughout the class so that it will stick forever in your mind.

This process will solve SO many problems, and is the first major key to feeling confident rocking ANY lighting scenario. It's the foundation of great OCF.


After getting the chance to practice the 3 step process, we'll start building on that foundation by learning the different lighting ratios (for example, using flash as the main light vs. using it to help "fill in" already great existing light).

We'll add in color correction techniques by learning how gels work. Again, while you practice, I'll be answering your questions and helping each student personally as needed.


The next step will be specific techniques to conquer specific challenges that you face. We'll shoot in the getting ready rooms, portrait areas (inside and outside) and dance floor.

We'll move around the building and spend time practicing scenarios like the ones shown below (and more)!

You will learn to conquer:


We'll conclude the workshop by addressing any other lighting techniques that you would like to try! We'll play with multiple lighht setups and other advanced techniques.

..we'll also get a little silly and try some weird stuff with colored gels, fun gobos, and overdramatic posing. ;)


Q: Will there be models or table mockups for the students to photograph?
A: Yes. There will be at least one "bride and groom" (the goal is to have them in wedding attire if possible), as well as a simple table mockup for demonstrating and practicing lighting scenarios. Since this workshop is focused on learning lighting and not gaining portfolio material, these will not be professional models or a fully stylized table setup- we'll be keeping it simple to make sure that the focus is a great learning environment. There will also be portions of the workshop where the students will be paired off to practice a lighting technique on a fellow student. 

Q: How often will this workshop be held?
A: I have been teaching one-on-one flash classes for many years throughout my slow seasons. This is the second annual large OCF workshop, and I plan to keep up the habit! However, keep in mind that primarily, I'm a wedding photographer, not a workshop host- I'm out there shooting! If you're interested in this workshop, the best thing to do is to go for it now. <3

Q: Will this class be focused on speedlights or strobes?
A: Both will be addressed in the discussion portions, and some of the shooting will be with strobes if students have brought them. The class will focus on speedlights as the default since it's not assumed that all students will have or wish to bring strobes. (demonstrations of using a strobe will also be included) However, do keep in mind that the primary focus of this workshop will be to teach you CONCEPTS of light that will apply to any kind of lighting source you eventually wish to use. :)

Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment is due in full in order to book your spot. (keep in mind that education is a tax deducible business expense- so don't forget to claim it on your taxes!)

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind about coming?
A: Since your payment holds your spot (meaning that others can't book if the class is full), it's necessary for me to make it non-refundable. If there is a true emergency (such as a hospitalization of you or your immediate family member), I would be happy to be reasonable and arrange a refund, or book a one-on-one class with you at another time. However, in general, booking this class means making a commitment to yourself to make this happen so that you can get to the next level of photography skill. Let's do this!

Q: Is this workshop only for wedding photographers?
A: Nope! I mostly photograph weddings and couples, so those are mostly the images that I have to show. However, the concepts that I'll be teaching you apply to newborns, families, boudoir, headshots/corporate, seniors- just about anything you shoot! (in fact, I personally do use these techniques when shooting newborns and seniors!) If you want to be in control of the light when you shoot, this workshop is for you.

Q: What if I have a terrible time and you're mean and stinky and I don't learn anything?
A: Well, first of all, I promise to take a shower that day (and even to wear pants like an adult person!). I truly do want you to enjoy the class and come away feeling like you've grown. If, after the class, you decide that you didn't get what was promised on this info page, I will refund you in full.

Only 10 spots for new students will be available for this workshop! [WORKSHOP IS NOW SOLD OUT]

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