Michigan Second Shooter Heather K

Hi, I’m Heather Kanillopoolos! (…in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “cantaloupe-all-us”. ;) ) I'm a West Lansing wedding photographer with 10 years of experience. If you're searching for a second shooter in Lansing, Detroit, Plymouth, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, or beyond, I would love to be considered!

My skills include bridal party wrangling, relaxing grumpy grooms, and wicked awesome OCF. ;) I've been shooting as a primary for many years and often second shoot for others.

My style is laid back, simple, and clean. When posing, I do so in a well-crafted and very natural looking manner, always making sure that my subjects are completely comfortable. No fake smiles, stiff posing, or cheesy shots!

I have the energy to keep a smile on all day long! I'm there for anything you need: shooting, carrying bags, running back to the car, setting up lights, rounding up family for formals... I'm there to make YOUR job easier and more fun, and to make your couples that much happier with the service you're giving them.

I am very experienced, and I'm simply a ton of fun to have around on a wedding day. In addition to helping you capture a wedding beautifully, I know that I can make the wedding less stressful for you as the primary! I am totally ready for the myriad of craziness that a wedding can dish out- so you can be confident that I can handle any task you give me.

I charge $50/hour. I'm based in the West Lansing area, but I am open to travel! I regularly shoot as a second photographer in the Ann Arbor / Detroit area, and have gone to Grand Rapids as well. (locations more than 1.5 hours may require a hotel stay or other travel costs depending on the hours you need me- but all travel costs are based on common sense ;) )

Do I sound like what you're looking for? I would love to chat about shooting with you!
Use the contact info or form below to get in touch!

E: hello@heatherkan.com