Seeing how my past couples feel about me is a wonderful way to see if I am the perfect fit for you, too!
Below are some thoughts from my recent brides and grooms.


"I was worried that I would never feel comfortable in front of the camera. Heather made what could have been an awkward, scary experience completely painless. She made me feel so comfortable!"
- Katy Peplin

"I feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything photographer or timeline related while working with Heather. She helped me create a timeline for when photos would be shot and where, as well as helped organize all the craziness of family formals. She made sure we stayed on track."
- Felicia Mata-Greve

Heather is phenomenal. Not only does she take stunning photographs that allow you to relive your memories in a way that really understands and communicates you, she’s also just a joy to have around.
Katie Gracie Klumpp

"When we met with Heather the first time, we knew immediately she was the person we wanted to work with. The natural connection matters: the photos turned out beautiful, relaxed, and reflect who my husband and I are.

Leading up to the wedding, Heather was patient (and responsive) with all my questions. Come wedding day, at times, I forgot Heather was there - she's not intrusive and doesn't take over events as they play out. This was especially true during our ceremony in the church; when we got our wedding photos back, I said many times, "I don't remember seeing Heather at all, how did she get that shot?!?" 

Heather ended up staying later and we are forever thankful for that; some of the photos at the end of the night really captured the spirit of our wedding. She danced with my niece, she laughed with my family - everyone just loved having Heather as part of our day!

A month after our wedding, my husband's grandfather passed away. As the wedding was the last time the whole family spent time with him, we emailed Heather to see if she had any photos of him already finished we might be able to have early access to for the memorial. Heather emailed back shortly after and had gone through all of the pictures to find and edit the photos of grandpa. She shared them with us and I cannot describe how much peace and happiness that brought to our family. 

We recently got our wedding photos back and we are so happy we chose Heather to be our photographer! All of our photos are gorgeous and will bring joy to us for years and years to come. We went with a package that included the photobooth (AMAZING - her photobooth set up is the best and the photos are high quality) and a 2nd shooter, and I'd recommend that to anyone. I would have regretted not doing both of those. 

You're getting amazing photography with Heather, but what's critically important is that you're also working with a really great person. Heather's personality and can-do attitude was a huge reason in why we wanted to work with her and will continue to do so if we get the opportunity!"

- Alicia Curley (Click here to see the photographs from Alicia and Brandon's beautiful fall wedding at Hawk Hollow!)

"Heather is PHENOMENAL. It's really amazing how important a wedding photographer can be on your wedding day (and the days leading up). Heather is one of the most organized people I have ever met. Her forms are perfect. Just enough structure to keep things going without feeling like you're doing homework.

About a week before my wedding we had a final chat about the timeline and she offered her expert advice about keeping things moving smoothly- and boy, were her tips perfect. With just a tiny bit of adjustment the schedule made so much more sense.

In addition, she's hardworking and HAPPY. Even when she's carrying 100+ lbs of camera equipment to the small pond only accessible by trail where you want to have photos taken...

I also have to comment on her second shooters: she works with only the best and they work together seamlessly.

Heather is amazing at keeping the entire experience upbeat while giving instruction to keep everyone looking their best. I had multiple guests come to me and tell me how impressed they were with her quick and direct way of getting photos taken while keeping everyone feeling the joy of the day around them."

- Kaitlin Maier-Soave (Click here to see the photographs from Kaitlin and Ryan's outdoor wedding in MSU's gorgeous North Gardens!)

"Heather helped make our perfect and special day even more memorable! We couldn't have asked for a more organized, personable, sweet, and professional photographer." - Stephanie Trombley

"She was a gem to work with - so easy-going and so friendly. Our guests couldn't stop raving about her professionalism and infectious energy! And as for the final product, we couldn't have asked for better images." - Kristen Clark

"She is not only a talented, attentive and amazing photographer, she is also a very caring and attentive individual. If you're looking for someone who will genuinely care about you throughout the entire process, AND give you amazing results, no one supersedes Heather's work." - Katrece Turner

"There’s a good chance if you’re reading through Heather’s reviews, you’re newly engaged and planning your wedding. Congrats! Now do yourself a HUGE favor and book Heather. Save yourself the research and stress…seriously. IF she is available, hurry now and snag her up because she is an extremely rare gem in the photography (and wedding) industry.

Now, I’ll elaborate.

You’re going to see a trend as you continue to read through Heather’s reviews…she is amazingly artistic, she is easy going, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease, she is very responsive and eager to help with timeline details (your wedding planning is likely not quite there yet but this will be a HUGE help down the road as your date nears), she has a contagiously energetic and fun personality, etc. The list goes on and on- and while it’s all 100% true, words cannot capture the full product of talent, personality, service, and professionalism that Heather delivers. She is simply awesome.

I researched MANY photographers and narrowed down the list to three for an “interview” (like I said, SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME ON RESEARCH, I already did it for you!). Simply put, it was no contest after our meeting together with Heather. If you still have any doubt or question in mind about booking Heather, just meet her for coffee or chat on the phone/Skype. You’ll soon understand what all the hype is about.  

There are SO many photography businesses out there now, and many have only the technical and/or artistic skill(s). The true art of photography comes with the people skill – giving direction, making people feel at ease, capturing natural moments, etc. Then, the true art of making photography a business is professionalism, process, and customer service. It’s HARD to find all that wrapped up into one package, but Heather is it. She is truly one-of-a-kind!"

- Theresa Atkins (Click here to see the photographs from Chris and Theresa's gorgeous fall wedding at the Engligh Inn in Grand Rapids!)

"Because people only read the first few sentences- if you don't pick Heather, you're not doing it right.

Now, with that being said- with wedding photography, I really believe it's important to find someone who understands you and your future spouse. Heather was that and more to us as a photographer. She was our photographer, an adviser on some of our big decisions (because we TRUSTED her judgment- crucial in all wedding vendors!), and a friend. 

Talent-wise, Heather is outstanding. She finds the source of happiness in each couple she works with and plays off of it- draws it out of them, to reflect beautifully in each picture she takes.

She is also a true professional. Literally everyone we spoke to at our wedding said how amazing she was. She was never in the way, but was never too far, because she captured every perfect moment. She was polite, courteous, and respectful. Having a religious wedding and a nontraditional reception- that went very far for us.

I know that not everyone can choose Heather, but I would strongly encourage at least getting coffee with her to talk to her. If anything, at least you have a good contact and had good conversation- but I guarantee that you'll come out of that meeting with more. :) "

- Heather Murphy (Click here to see the photographs from Heather and Jimmy's gorgeous wedding at Lansing's Church of the Resurrection!)