Wedding Favorites: Nighttime portraits

Nighttime portraits are a magical thing. The quiet moments that I can capture, away from the crowd and the noise, are some of the most gorgeous and meaningful images I make for my couples! It also adds more variety to their wedding photographs.

It's often during these nighttime portraits that I can show off the unique venue or location that means so much to my bride and groom- or perhaps a special aspect of the day (such as fireworks or rainy weather) that they'll never forget. <3

Since this is one of my favorite things to do for my couples, I've become an expert at creating these amazing images quickly so that my bride and groom only have to steal away from their reception for a few minutes.

Wedding Favorites: The Bride & Groom

Whether done before your ceremony or after, the portraits of the two of you will likely be among the most cherished from your wedding day. 

I love using the unique aspects of my couples' venues in their portraits, often arriving quite early to scout the area and find hidden treasures. Since I've been shooting weddings for so long, I'm able to draw on my extensive knowledge to help my couples during the planning process, suggesting perfect portrait locations near their venue(s), all over Michigan. For areas that are new to me, I reach out to my extensive photographer network to get insider info on gorgeous portrait locations. My couples don't have to worry or stress to search out a location- my job is to care for this for you. :)

Most importantly, my expertise lies in making sure that my couples are relaxed and feeling comfortable while I'm shooting. During your engagement session, I take the time to teach you how you can feel more relaxed and look your best, which will greatly reduce stress on the wedding day. I also learn at your engagement session which of my methods work best for you personally in keeping you relaxed and producing real smiles and emotion. 

I give a lot of direction and encouragement throughout the portrait time, and move quickly so that you feel fresh throughout. I want photography to be the easiest, most fun part of your wedding day.

Wedding Favorites: The Bridal Party

Whether your bridal party is 2 or 20, I want to make you all look (and feel) amazing in your portraits. My attention to detail means that I'm looking out for each of your friends: I pose each person carefully to flatter them personally. 

I love to take a variety of bridal party portraits during your wedding day, both relxed and formal. I strive for classic images that are fun but never cheesy.

When possible, it's my goal to take an image of you with each of your bridal party members alone, so that you have a special image with each person who means so much to you. 

Wedding Favorites: Before the Ceremony

The thrill (and nerves!) of a wedding day start during the "getting ready" process, making it one of the most exciting things to capture! I typically arrive during the last hour of hair and makeup for the bride, to photograph the tail end of that process as well as the "details" such as the dress, shoes, jewelry, and any sentimental additions. 

While I'm busy with the girls, my second shooter is with the guys, photographing the process (and, likely, teaching them how to fold a pocket square!). It's always exciting to be able to look back on images that capture parts of the day that you couldn't see- such as your love preparing to say "I do". 

Another aspect of the time before the ceremony is spending time with loved ones. Photographing the joy of your bridal party and the tears that well up in mom and dad's eyes is something I truly feel privileged to do. 

Wedding Favorites: Ceremony

Your heart is beating out of your chest. Finally, the moment is here! The doors open, and you glimpse the person you love the most in this world. The moment goes so fast, and now the officiant is talking.. but all you can do is look at the person next to you with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.

I'm there too- but you won't see me. During the ceremony, I become a fly on the wall, quietly capturing the emotions. My second shooter and I work together seamlessly to capture the faces of you and your soon-to-be-spouse as you say your vows. We also keep an eye on parents and loved ones, stealing shots of their laughter and tears. (...also, I will be crying during the ceremony too. Always.)

Wedding Favorites: Family Formals

To me, photographing your family is a privilege. These people who love you so dearly are very important to you- and to me, too! Just like with bridal party images, I take the time to make sure that your loved ones are relaxed and looking their very best. I know that they are likely nervous to be photographed and may be concerned about how they look, so I make sure to pose them in a flattering and natural way. 

My many years of experience make family formals a very quick and easy experience. Before the wedding, I send to you a simple family formal checklist with the family formal images that I typically take- so all you have to do it fill in names, instead of having to make the list yourself. (you will be able to request other combinations if you have a unique family need- I always want to be flexible so that you get the family photographs that you look forward to having!) Using this list to call out the people needed for each shot makes the process very smooth.

Wedding Favorites: Reception

I. Freaking. Love. Receptions.

The funny toasts from your friends, the emotional dance with dad/mom, the thrill of a first dance as a married couple... and the absolute madness of the dancefloor.. I look forward to this part of your day for months!

But receptions can be a struggle for photographers, too. As the sun goes down, the lighting scenario can vary wildly- and many receptions are not kind in terms of the quality of the light that exists in the room (bright canned ceiling lights above the bridal party, for example, produce racoon-eye shadows- yuck!). Is that a problem for me? Nope! Lighting is one of my specialties! (I even teach lighting classes to other photographers all over the world!) Even in the darkest, most unflattering, weirdest reception rooms, I can make killer images that look gorgeous and highlight the moments that you want to revisit again and again. I love making average reception halls look like a million bucks- and if your venue is truly gorgeous, I'll make sure to highlight it's unique beauty in your photographs.

Also, if you play Spice Girls, I will absolutely be getting on the dancefloor. You have been warned. ;)

Wedding Favorites: Details

You spend a lot of time (and money) making your wedding's details uniquely you. I want to preserve that beauty for long after the flowers have died and the cake has been eaten- so I make time during the day to show a little love to the many details around me. From the dress and shoes to the reception decor, I keep a watchful eye out.. and I also check with you before the wedding to see if there are any extra special or unique details that I should be on the lookout for.

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