Matthew and Rebecca // Proposal Photographs at MSU’s Lewis Landscape Arboretum

When Matthew met me at Lewis Landscape Arboretum, he was beaming. He was excitedly telling me all about Rebecca, about how they met and how much MSU had played a part in their lives. He was ready to ask her to marry him!

But how would he make popping the question even more memorable? Enter me. 😉

Together, we formed a plan: I would be waiting at the perfect location, “practicing” with my “new softbox”. They would happen to wander by, and I’d ask if they wouldn’t mind posing for me “just for a second to help me finish my class assignment”.

As I saw them approach, my heart started racing.

I stopped them, as planned, and they agreed to “help” me out. Secretly, I used this first image to make sure I was happy with their placement and my lighting, and Matt took the opportunity to prepare himself to hit one knee.

I gave him the signal we had agreed on- and he took it from there 😍

She said yes!!

As they left, their faces said it all!!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

Are you getting ready to propose at Michigan State University? Get in touch! I’ll help you plan the perfect proposal and take killer images, too. 🎉

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