Heather and Jimmy | Fitzgerald Park Grand Ledge Engagement Photographs



Heather writes:

“My fiance and I met each other through a mutual friend at a party in 2009. From then until about 2012, we randomly would tweet each each other about video games, politics, or the like. He grew up in and lives in Michigan, and I at the time lived in Ohio, so we never really ran into each other after that party.

In 2012, I asked for an opinion about a recent law passed by Congress, and Facebook, for whatever reason, took my post down by a glitch, and he messaged me his answer. From that point on we started talking…and found out we had a LOT in common.

I didn’t think it was anything special (we kind of flirted, but I’m super oblivious when it comes to this stuff) until one night I told him about something traumatic that had happened to me, and in the process, I had lost a celtic knot ring that I had bought from Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, OH.

A week later, I came home to a small package on my porch…it was a celtic knot ring! A month or so later, we met up for our first actual “date” at the Toledo Zoo…and the rest is history!”

From the first e-mail (in which we bonded over the amazingness of David Tennant and Harvest Moon, I knew that working with Jimmy and Heather was going to be “fanTAStic”. ;)

And.. it was!!

This post features favorites from Heather and Jimmy’s fall geeky engagement session at Fitzgerald Park, Grand Ledge, Michigan!
Want to see more? You can check out the full gallery right here!

Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-fall-engagement-photographsFall engagement session books geeksFall engagement session books geeksFall engagement session books geeksFitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14Fitzgerald-park-grand-ledge-engagement-photographs_14



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