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Sometimes, good things find great people. …or is it great people find each other?

Katrece and Dominique met at Saxton High School here in Lansing, and couldn’t imagine a better place to kick off their engagement photographs! I can honestly say that this session resulted in the most gifs I have ever created- and that says a lot for the energy and fun of this amazing couple! :D

This post contains a few of my personal favorites. (want to see them all? Check out the full gallery here!)





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Have you ever met someone so full of laughter that it lights you up to talk with them? People so genuinely happy and exuberant about life that you can’t help but love them…. with maybe a lemony twist of good-natured sarcasm thrown in for fun?

Aaron and Erin? They’re like that.

From their names to their goofy sense of humor, these two are a perfect match. Their wedding is going to be EPIC, and I am very proud and excited to reveal their engagement photographs!

Browse through a few of my favorites below, or maybe check out the full gallery here at the proofing site to see more of these gorgeous people!

We started out the session with a stroll through Old Town, Lansing. The Unicorn Tavern welcomed us for a quick quench…


….then, down to the Grand River boardwalk. I adore this spiral staircase!





I love throwing in secret spots… below is an area I’ve had an eye on for a while. Thanks for braving the walk out there, you guys- it was worth it!!


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All photographs by Lansing engagement photographer Heather K. Please, no downloading or editing without permission.


Ah, Sam- my childhood Super Mario 3 buddy and master of the late-night giggles. Are we already grownups haha??  …I’m happy to see you with the love of your life and I was so happy to be your photographer to chronicle this time for you. I’m hoping for your happily ever after! :D

…Sam and Zack opted to start their session in the gorgeous tall fields of grass in my backyard here in Grand Ledge. (Moving here has been a photographer’s dream!!)

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All photographs by Lansing wedding photographer Heather K. Please do not edit or download without permission.

A few weeks ago, on a Thursday, I received an email from a guy named Nate. It went like this:

“I am typically a huge planner, but I decided to try something different and be totally spontaneous, I am actually planning to propose this weekend, hopefully Saturday, February 5th. Any chance you are available?”

Immediately, my mind went “WHOA. This poor guy has an engagement ring burning a hole through his pocket!” (according to my husband, that’s pretty much what ALWAYS happens, haha!) I was thrilled to be asked to photograph such an amazing moment in someone’s life!! I was, however, relieved that when we met up the next day, (btw, his face lit up and he described his gorgeous, wonderful girlfriend), Nate had decided to give it a few more weeks, since he had yet to form a plan- and he wanted to do this right.

Well, he did!

Yesterday, he convinced Maria that their friends as MSU were doing a display at the Museum they were invited to. But, alas! They arrived ‘too early’.. so he suggested a walk. As they strolled through MSU’s winding paths, they spotted the Beaumont Tower. Hey, why not see if they do tours, right?

A week before-hand, Nate had arranged with  the Tower’s caretakers to have a Carillon player present to do an “accidental” tour. I had arrived early and was in the tower when Nate and Maria poked through the door. “Are they doing tours today?” he asked casually, pretending (really well!) not to know me. “I don’t know.” I replied. “I’m here to do a photography project, but I’m sure you can come along.” I “asked” the Carillon master, who nodded. “Sure, why not.” Maria none the wiser, we began the tour- me snapping away. I hope you enjoy the photographs as they reveal the story…

East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower entrance
East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower bells
East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower player
East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower clapping
After listening to several wonderfully played Carillon songs, Nate and Maria got to try it out…

East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower trying to play
East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower trying to play 2
Eventually, Nate got the ring from his coat pocket while Maria was distracted…

East Lansing Engagerazzi | Nate and Maria at the MSU Beaumont Tower hiding the ring
See what happened!

UPDATE: See part two (the urban part) of Sam’s Lansing Senior Photographs!

As the cold weather hits, I find myself blogging the sessions from earlier in the fall that I never got to blog…

Samantha is one of my best friends since childhood. She has this fascinating combination of blond sweetness and fiery passion that I have always loved- and I’m so glad that she wanted me to do her graduation photographs!

Sam’s was a special session… she drove an hour from Pinckney, and we ended up spending the whole day shooting, trying out all the spots I love and a few we discovered on the way! As usual, she made me laugh so hard I was in pain the next day. XD

This will be a two parter. :)

Girl in corn field, Dewitt Michigan Graduation Photographs

Girl by corn field, Dewitt Michigan Graduation Photographs

Black and white, girl by corn field, Dewitt Michigan Graduation Photographs

Girl with yellow flowers, Dewitt Michigan Graduation Photographs